Malaysian state sends boys to “sissy boot camps”.

No, really. The Terangannu Education Department sent 66 carefully vetted boys to a government “reeducation camp”. This is creepy even when you don’t know what the camp is for. The boys were selected from schools all over Terangannu (by the school officials) for their “effeminate” qualities. They were sent to the four-day camp for training. […]

_______ and Violence. Far too much violence.

I’ve been trying to respond to Afreen’s post for a while now, and my thoughts get tangled up in that morass of fear-of-guilt, agreement, indignation and what-have-you. Then my life took a vacation without me, and I lay about at home not watching the news or being online or being in touch. I came back […]


Radical feminist separatists are becoming literary scum sores. There is nothing “subversive” in its agenda any more, it’s all political maneuvering of the same misogynist/queer phobic language they claim to defy. There is nothing that anyone can do to even lessen the resentment that resonates in the trans community against some of the recent issues […]

Good As You meeting on 14th April 2011

(Sometime I need to blog about BQFF, which happened way back in February. I will! I promise. Sunday?) A quick run through of the meeting, which to me seemed sort of slow and tedious (sorry, other people who were there, I love you, but I was not feeling it that Thursday): Three new people showed […]

WHaQ! meeting, April 10th 2011

As the poor sod who has the keys to the Swabhava office, I got to MS Plaza at around 3:40 to open the place. M.S. Plaza has one of those rolling-up garage doors, and its lock is a little bitch. I jiggled the key around until something stuck – it took me five whole minutes, […]