Feminist Round-Up


  • You know Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous German composer? Turns out, some of his most famous pieces might have been written by his wife. This is an important piece of news because it reminds us that even if we ladies didn’t get the recognition we deserved, we were kicking ass and taking names all around the world for all of time. Go us.
  • What’s sexy and also totally¬†mandatory? Consent. Salon.com published this article on consent and BDSM practices. Hot.
  • At the Paris Opera House the other day, the performers refused to sing until a Muslim woman took off her veil. Seriously. Certain religious head coverings have been illegal in France since 2011. In a ridiculous twist of irony, the opera showing at the Paris Opera House this month is set in a harem, and the performers are seen covering their faces.
  • The 2014 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum shows India slipping from 104th to 113rd. The good news is, we’re ranked 15th for women occupying powerful positions in government.

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