We’re Here and Queer. To Stay. Women in Bangalore in Same Sex Relationships.

WHaQ! Origins

It’s been a helluva ride.

In the beginning, we were alone.  Flailing and fighting individual battles in a sea of isolation, finding allies and friends haphazardly and by accident.

And then, under terribly unlikely circumstances, a group of women met under the auspices of finding out what it was to be a Queer woman in India, in Bangalore.  WHaQ! is the 4 year old baby of those initial efforts, and hasn’t she grown?

We’ve gained a home in Bangalore’s Queer Community as the sister group to one of India’s oldest Queer organizations, Good As You. We’ve gained public voice, by being listed in the Gay and Lesbian page of TimeOut Bangalore. We’ve seen members publish articles across India about our efforts.  We’ve co-sponsored the Bangalore Queer Film Fest, and we are co-sponsors of this year’s Bangalore Pride.  Our members are active and passionate about the changes we see in India’s Queer Community.

We’re Here and Queer.  You’re Not Alone.  Join Us in supporting the LBT Women’s Movement in India.

Contact us at whaqbangalore@gmail.com for more information on our meetings and activities.

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