Great Day for Football and Fitness!

Last Saturday, some of our Maya FC Warriors took part in the NCF SportsPro Fitness session at Tiento Sports Arena. We had a great time with the coach, Chelston, and got to meet some other women that are also passionate about football and women’s health.


It was really nice to see everyone out there working hard towards their fitness goals and taking care of their bodies.

Chelston led the women through a series of drills designed to help them build stamina and agility while playing.

Running forwards and backwards

Running forwards and backwards

There were lots of partner activities….

Our defenders Indu and Ibti practicing their moves.

Our defenders Indu and Ibti practicing their moves.

Q and Apna practicing some passes

Q and Apara practicing some passes


….and lots and LOTS of core strength exercises!

m4w_ncf-training_36 m4w_ncf-training_23



After that, the Maya Warriors got to try out our new uniforms.

We look great.

We look great!

All in all, it was a great session and we hope that we can arrange some more with NCF and Tiento!  Lots of thanks to both of them for arranging such a good workout session! Check out the rest of our session pictures here!





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