Personal review of a first-timer’s session to Yoga with Gin


Personal review of a first-timer’s session to Yoga with Gin:


If we listen to our hearts, there are moments in life, both good and bad that change you forever, and this is one of those good ones. I had my first yoga class and I am super motivated and inspired to keep going. I moved muscles I didn’t know I had, and felt parts of my body that I didn’t know were there! It was nice and slow, which was great, because I was pretty anxious about my ability to keep up and not look silly. Those worries faded away almost as soon as she had us all sitting down on the mat.

Gin is a gentle and intuitive teacher and I felt safe and cared for as a student, but also challenged enough to really lean into my body. I can feel a difference already, which maybe sounds silly, but is true nonetheless! My energy is moving more freely in my body, and the flow feels beautiful. I’m excited about our next class tomorrow, and have already booked her for another regular session midweek, so I can really move forward with the lessons we are learning every session.

This is going to definitely be a part of my year! So happy to be doing something that is so clearly what my body wants and needs! I’ve been waiting for this a long time. I feel like this is a “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” moment!

Gratitude and love for yoga, connectedness, and Gin!

If you’d like to join in, please contact Gin by sending a mail to or by calling +91 9740 6336 94 for more details!


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