Judgement on 377 is TODAY.

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times. These are nail biting moments, really.  
Today, the Indian Supreme Court will rule on whether Section 377 impinges on the constitutional rights of people of gender and sexual diversities. And since we’re really a country that never wishes to miss the irony or other such signboards, it’s World Human Rights day today.
The Supreme Court hearing doesn’t inspire courage when you read it (for a list of documents, including what was said in the SC, visit  http://orinam.net/377/) and one fears  that the SC may read the section very narrowly. Their effort to separate the act from the queer community during the hearing may lead them to an altogether different verdict.
No one knows, of course. For all we know, 11.12.13 may just be a fantastic day for Queer India, and indeed for the rest of India, since the recognition of basic, essential human right creates nothing less than a crackling atmosphere of inclusiveness.
At Queer Ink, we feel that irrespective of the judgement, queer India can’t go back to its closet – the community needs to continue to group together on matters that concern it.  Your opinion is valuable to me  – please let me know what you think. Please circulate widely, so that the discussion never dies down.
You can access the editorial at http://queer-ink.com/AMatterofHumanRights

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