Stand with us. Protest 337.

Understand what this protest today is. It is the collective rage and frustration of a community disbarred from every semblance of normality for like, well, ever.

In more than 35 cities across the globe today, LGBT people, their straight friends and allies, are protesting. Will you be there to stand with me? Will you be present and make your voice be heard? Or will you send me a text and tell me how shitty it is, but sorry you have other plans?

As we watch other countries, always others, get better rights, we sit here. You ask me if I like India. I smile. You want me to tell you how great it is here where 40% of women cant read, where adult lesbians are dragged back to family who force them into marriages they didn’t want to be raped repeatedly (also not a crime here, marital rape).

Don’t ask me today. If you’re not fighting for our human rights, or at least your right to a consensual blowjob (because, yeah, Sec 377 affects that too), don’t ask me ever again how I like your country that broke my heart, this India. Don’t ask. Don’t come to me later and want to talk about 377. You show you care by showing up.

Don’t ask me what I think of a country that systematically turns its back on a minority of 30/40/50 over a hundred million (depending in who writes the estimate) and says, as did SK Tijarawala, a petitioner in the Indian Supreme Court which helped to bring back this archaic law: “If these people don’t want to change, let them leave India.”

Fight for your version of India, or watch it overrun by the ignorant and intolerant masses. It has happened in a thousand other places. And you, the minority intelligentsia, do you not understand it can happen here too??

Stand with us today. Protest 377.

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