Minor Setback, and Not Over Yet

As you may know by now, the Supreme Court has seen it fit to reject all of the review petitions against the 11th Dec verdict. We will continue the fight and explore all legal and political options. Come join us TODAY for a silent peaceful candle light vigil ! When : 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, today (Jan […]

Stand with us. Protest 337.

Understand what this protest today is. It is the collective rage and frustration of a community disbarred from every semblance of normality for like, well, ever. In more than 35 cities across the globe today, LGBT people, their straight friends and allies, are protesting. Will you be there to stand with me? Will you be […]

Some thoughts on 377 and Laws Affecting Queer Women

After Wednesday’s ruling, I think it’s important to note how Section 377 affects us, as queer women: the law has been interpreted by the judiciary as applying to anal intercourse between two men, and that too requiring proof for any conviction to occur.  In a case from around 2003 (I’ve forgotten the exact details of […]