Feminism 101

closet-sociopathh: Feminists do not hate men. Feminism is not the hatred of men. Misandry is the hatred of men. Feminism is the movement aimed at defining, establishing and defending the equal political, economic, cultural and social rights for women. The word hate isn’t even used. The word men isn’t even used. Feminists do not hate […]

A Note on Authenticity

lgbtgivesmehope: I know a lot of people are afraid to identify themselves as LGBT+ simply because they don’t know how to ‘come out’. So they remain faking heterosexuality. But I want anyone in that situation to know that you don’t have to ‘come out’. There’s a good chance that your close friends and possibly your […]

BQFF 2014 – your time and other contributions.

BQFF 2014 is coming up – Feb 28th, March 1st and 2nd. If you would like to donate your time, here http://blrqueerfilmfest.com/volunteer/ you will find information about what we need from our volunteers, and the volunteer registration form. Send it in, and give me a few days to get back to you! Volunteering at BQFF […]

Bengaluru Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba 2013 needs YOU!

“The Bangalore Pride march will be held on Nov 24th, Sunday.The preceding 20 days will be filled with Pride related events, such as Flash Mob, Queer My Mudra – aqueer themed choreography, Bowling, Poetry reading, Photography exhibition, Musical Performance, Screening of Queer themed short films, and the Diversity Fair. This year Pride is organised through […]