Black Day 11/12/13

This is a brief description of the law (Indian Penal Code Section 377) the Indian Supreme Court just brought back, effectively REcriminalizing the Indian LGBT community.  That we are shocked and dismayed is not saying enough.   But we will not be beaten back into closets, we will not go back in to suffocating silence […]

Gaysi Zine

​Mari has lots to talk about SATURDAY with her very special guests, the co-founders of India’s premier online (and now in PRINT) magazine for the Gay Desi!  Join us on Lavender Life on QRadio from from 4-6pm as we talk about the journey they went through to launching their GaysiZine!  The fun is […]

WHaQ!’s got a new support number!

Are you an Indian woman that needs to talk to someone about same sex relationships?  WHaQ! now has a support number you can call. We are based in Bangalore, but we take calls from all over India. Maybe you just need to know you’re not alone.  Maybe you need counseling information.  Maybe you just want […]