How to Be Alone

A spoken word poem by Andrea Dorfman, for all those days when you’re a little lonely, or maybe Lonely with a capital L. It can be a big world out there, which is why we work on being alone, and which is also why we find each other. Communities like this one work because of […]

The Occupied Territories

You are not to touch yourself in any way or be familiar with ecstasy. You are not to touch anyone of your own sex or outside of your race then talk about it, photograph it, write it down in explicit details, or paint it red, orange, blue, or dance in honor of its power, dance […]

Poets You Should Know

  “Paracetamol legends I know For rising fevers, as pain-relievers— Of my people—father’s father’s mother’s Mother, dark lush hair caressing her ankles Sometimes, sweeping earth, deep-honey skin, Amber eyes—not beauty alone they say—she Married a man who murdered thirteen men and one Lonely summer afternoon her rice-white teeth tore Through layers of khaki, and golden […]

A Poem For Coming Out

Society Is Wrong I was eight years old when I learnt that being ‘gay’ was an insult. I was nine when I began using it, ten when I realised that it was wrong. I was seven when I was told that ‘same sex couples’ didn’t exist. Eight when I was told that it was attention […]

Poems for a Queer Soul

Hellos lovebirds+queers+beautiful+mad! It feels delightful to steal some bits from my new found office life and scrounge my little diary for poetryyy:) and yes! apologies for being so inconsistent with blog entries. I guess, i just have to deal with the fact that i can only post stuff on blogs when I honestly feel a […]