Stand with Afghan Women

humanrightswatch: Afghanistan: Fight Rampant Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is a major problem in Afghanistan, where women and girls have had to struggle to regain their rights after being completely shut out of education and employment during Taliban rule until their ouster in 2001. There has been significant progress in improving girls’ access to education and integrating women […]

Poets You Should Know

  “Paracetamol legends I know For rising fevers, as pain-relievers— Of my people—father’s father’s mother’s Mother, dark lush hair caressing her ankles Sometimes, sweeping earth, deep-honey skin, Amber eyes—not beauty alone they say—she Married a man who murdered thirteen men and one Lonely summer afternoon her rice-white teeth tore Through layers of khaki, and golden […]

Abused Goddesses

thefeministme: An Amazing Campaign in India called “Abused Goddesses” showing the contradiction of worshiping female goddesses in religion but having unsafe conditions for women, like domestic violence. Via: Women’s Rights News Have you seen this powerful campaign?

Types of Abuse

whatacatchsarah: i saw this chart today while browsing the internet. i don’t know where it came from (to source it), but i thought maybe some of you out there might find it helpful. abuse IS abuse, physical or mental. and YOU are not alone.

I Need Feminism

whoneedsfeminism: “I need feminism because when I finally ended my 8.5 year long abusive relationship, I was told that I would ruin the lives of my children. My son watched me be beaten more than once. He used to rape me once my infant daughter fell asleep because he knew I wouldn’t cry if she […]