A Call for Submissions: SoulStories

Soul Stories “I do not imagine myself”.    I read this small sentence on a stumbled-upon feminist queer blog in the late Nineties while coming to terms with my own identity.  Nearly twenty years later, I still remember it as if it had been tattooed on my heart.  In one instant, the barriers on what I could be and could not be […]

Ready to join our new Yoga batch??

Maya Outdoors is happy to announce that we will now be offering Yoga with the amazing Gin as our instructor starting in May 2017! Classes with Gin will be offered once a week starting in May as part of the general M4W membership donation (1200 Rs per year with a 300 Rs Registration Fee).  If you would […]

Poets You Should Know

  “Paracetamol legends I know For rising fevers, as pain-relievers— Of my people—father’s father’s mother’s Mother, dark lush hair caressing her ankles Sometimes, sweeping earth, deep-honey skin, Amber eyes—not beauty alone they say—she Married a man who murdered thirteen men and one Lonely summer afternoon her rice-white teeth tore Through layers of khaki, and golden […]

LOOK: The Best (And Worst) Countries For Women

LOOK: The Best (And Worst) Countries For Women Gender equality has been more of a national focus than usual in the United States over the past few months, thanks to the 2012 presidential election. Republican nominee Mitt Romney recently discussed the “binders full of women” that he tried to hire when he was governor of […]

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog Frequently Answered Questions This site has a set of FAQ’s on Feminism that are some of the best we’ve seen.  Really interesting stuff.  Enjoy!