The Occupied Territories

You are not to touch yourself in any way or be familiar with ecstasy. You are not to touch anyone of your own sex or outside of your race then talk about it, photograph it, write it down in explicit details, or paint it red, orange, blue, or dance in honor of its power, dance […]

Check Out These Queer Asian Artists

returnthegayze: “We want to know what would it actually look like to make a queer revolutionary practice that was relevant to people of color and didn’t just think of race as some “intersection” but rather as central to the way we think about politics around gender and sexuality.” Our friends over at Signified made a short […]

Write for Sanghamitra!

Hi Friends, we’re trying to organize the next issue of Good As You’s magazine, Sanghamitra ( Like the last two years, we intend to release the 2012 edition on (or around) 2nd July, so we’re already a bit late in sending out this request for submissions. Please send us LGBT-related original work, particularly in the […]

Pride Mela details!

We are excited to announce that the 2nd annual Bengaluru Pride Mela is scheduled for Saturday Nov 26th, 2011.  We are looking for: PERFORMANCES Skits, magic, dance (Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Hip hop, Classical, Latin American, Contemporary), drama, stand up comedy, poetry, etc.  All performance styles are welcome! Performances should be under 10 minutes long.  Please […]

WHaQ! meeting: 31th July 2011

Small meeting yesterday, 4 women showed up. Funness, and Matteo’s after. Short summary of what we discussed: A few OBLs ago, we used to screen movies rather more regularly than we do now – something to actively think about doing again? This is a good opportunity to remind those of us who missed it about Deliver […]

“Writing our own history – Finally!”

So this wound its way onto the WHaQ mailing list, and it seems like a good idea to pass it around as much as possible. Hello Queer People! A recent chat, actually let’s say a recent comment thread on Facebookled Udayan Dhar and I to a realisation that we’re sure most of youwould agree with […]

Minal Hajratwala at Swabhava

photo credit Bob Hsiang Minal Hajratwala is in Bangalore for a few weeks – we mostly know her as the editor for Queer Ink‘s forthcoming 2012 Queer Ink Anthology (also here). I cannot currently remember who took dreadful advantage of whom, but Vinay (the guy who runs-manages-GrandViziersSwabhava/Good As You ) spread the word and a […]