The Carnival: Kāmanabillu Santhé

Maya for Women had the pleasure of having a stall at The Carnival: Kāmanabillu Santhé yesterday and we had so much fun!


Such a great way to welcome people to the Carnival!


The Carnival was held in Max Muller Bhavan in Indiranagar, and was organized by the unstoppable team of Romal, Avril and Priyank as part of the events and activities leading up to Bengaluru Pride on the 20th of November, 2016 and as an ongoing effort to raise funds.


Mari reading tarot

While Mari read tarot to visitors at the stall, Q’nie handed out M4W brochures and sold branded stickers and cookies that Rosabel had made special for the day.


Our brand new brochures hot off the presses just in time for the Carnival

Special thanks to Kusuma for helping us to fold up the brochures and making some time for volunteering!


Kusuma helping out

There were lots of great stalls there. Happy Knots has been coming to the Carnival since the very beginning and it was great to see them supporting the fundraising for Pride again yesterday. Rohini was also there reading tarot, and there were lots of new stalls too: some yummy food was being sold by the entrance, there was great art prints on display to buy, an artist doing beautiful sketches, and Goobe’s Bookstore with used books to buy.


Goobes Bookstall in the background

There was even a game corner and people kept it occupied all day long with happy people having fun together.


The game corner with sketches in the background for sale.

Maya for Women had a small photo story that got played during the day; it felt really good to share the activities that we do at M4W with the LGBT community!


Maya on the big screen!

M4W Banner

M4W Banner

In the evening, there were wonderful performances. Acoustic singers, wonderful performances by Avril (she has an amazing voice!) and Romal
(beautiful song, beautiful voice!), lots of dance numbers, and the incomparable Maya, who is Bangalore’s own drag queen.

Ami performed two separate juggling routines and captivated everyone’s attention with her spinning orbs and flash bottle juggling. There was playback acting and then a belly-dancing routine with Alex happened! Such. A. Good. Day.

It was an exciting event!  We are so happy that M4W got to be a part of the Carnival and are really looking forward to the upcoming Pride events.


Scenes from the Carnival

Playback Acting Troupe performing

Do come out and support our Pride Organizers!  They are looking for more volunteers and they’re great to work with.


So much fun was had!


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